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Burkburnett Culinary Academy
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Keith Myers
Jun 26, 2018
Don Pellikan
Jul 03, 2018
Rodney Ryalls
Jul 10, 2018
Danny Taylor
Jul 17, 2018
Mike Tugman
Jul 24, 2018
Club Assembly
Jul 31, 2018
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Don McKinnis was the Rotarian of the Day. Don's guest was Tammy Reece representing Peyton's Project  Tammy started the project after her niece was killed by a rattlesnake bite. 
From the web site:

Our MISSION is to educate the public on the reality and danger of the Western Diamondback rattlesnake and provide resources to support related medical advancement.

Our VISION is to continue to develop and educate through programs custom designed to meet the various age groups, industries and general public’s needs. In the future we plan to become a resource center for victims and the general public to contact regarding rattlesnakes. We also plan to assist and collaborate with medical research and advancements using the rattlesnake venom.

Bill McGuire was the Rotarian of the Day.  The guest speaker was Mariam Torres, who along with two coworkers told us about their work with foster parents, in placing and supervising the parenting. Their agency is called The Family Initiative, and encompasses the area within 150 mile radius of Wichita Falls, where their office is located. 
Jeff Kindt was the Rotarian of the Day. Jeff's guests were Ag teacher Brittany Recer, and FFA President and Junior at BHS, Alexis Healton. They told us about what the FFA does, and I think we all were a bit surprised about how much the organization does. Miss Healton showed a lot of poise as she told us about how the FFA teaches a lot about leadership. She was very impressive for a High School Junior.  You can learn more at
Christina Haworth was the Rotarian of the Day. Her guest was Jessica Cartwright, the Education Program Administrator of the NAMI chapter of Wichita Falls. 1 in 4 adults are affected by mental illness each year.  NAMI has a support group for those affected.  She gave us a great overview of the services offered by her office. It can take 8 to 10 years for someone who has shown the first indications of mental illness to get help.  If you are someone know needs help, called the NAMI helpline at 800-9590-NAMI, or text NAMI to 741741.
Don Hardy was the Rotarian of the Day. Don's guest was Dr. Tylor Chaplin, BISD Superintendent.  Tylor gave us a great update on the projects currently underway in our school system. The Hardin school building will host a closing ceremony on the last day of school, then it will be converted into offices for the Superintendent and the staff. The building is of historic interest in Burk, and it will be preserved. The opening ceremony for the new school will be August 9.  There will be a lot more project based learning going on in the school, as well as some online classes available so that a few students in one of our schools can join with other students online to learn subjects that may not be available locally. Our small school system is forging ahead in many areas, and using technology to give our students a great boost to get ahead in life. 
Pat Norriss was the Rotarian of the Day. The Vocational Awards were presented. The Law Enforcement Award was given to Chief Ed Stahr, of the Burk PD. The Fire Fighter Award was given to EMT Lt. Jon Morris, of the City of Burkburnett, and the BVFD. The School Teacher Award was given to Candice Kumor, who teaches at Hardin Elementary.  Also, Richard Gordon was here to discuss some of the things happening in Burk, and how online shopping has changed the way many people do business.
Guy Duke was the Rotarian of the Day, and his guest was Leland Wetzel, the founder of Xylo Bats Leland has a great story about how he turned a life long love for baseball into a hobby, then into a business, thanks to the Lord for showing him the way. 
BVFD Chief Rod Ryalls was the Rotarian of the Day. He gave us information about the BVFD, and told us about new brush fire truck. 
Nat Dickerson was the Rotarian of the Day. Nat's guest speaker was Ann Hicks, the Head Start Family Service Specialist for Region 9 Service Center. 
Danny Cremeens was the Rotarian of the Day.  Danny spoke about the threat of cyber criminals, scammers who target the elderly and others. $16 billion was lost due to scams last year. Millennials lost more than the elderly. He handed out copies of "A Back Customer's Guide to Cybersecurity." Scammer use social media to gain enough information to try to trick people into sending money with a cash card, or other type of money transfer. Sometimes scammers call with enough of your credit card info to try to trick you into giving more information, such as login credentials or passwords.  Some callers will ask, "Can you hear me ok?"  If you say yes, they will use the recording of your voice to authorize orders on your behalf. The best thing to do is to hang up immediately. For more information visit
Mike Whaley was the Rotarian of the Day. The program involved discussion of the flag program. Routes and numbers of flags per route were discussed. Many changes were proposed. 
Today we hosted students from the high school to participate in our 4 Way Test Speech contest. 
Nancy Viavattene was the Rotarian of the Day. Nancy was unable to be with us, so Roger Stauffer briefed us on several things going on in the community. There will be a Tax Prep clinic at St. John the Divine Church in Burk each Wednesday morning until April 15. Tax preparers will be on hand to help those who need assistance with their simple tax returns. This is sponsored by the United Way. Then Lahoma played a game with us. It was fun.
Being the 5th Tuesday of the month, we had a Club Assembly today. President Vaughn spoke to us about our club goals, and how we can receive a Presidential Citation for the year.  We reviewed the Avenues of Service. We reviewed the Rotary Giving Programs, such as the Every Rotarian Every Year, Polio Plus Fund, and other opportunities to contribute to the Rotary Foundation.  We added a new female member, a member under 40 years old, and we sponsored the Interact Club at the High School. We strengthened our public image through the use of social media, and the club web site. 
Mike Tugman was the Rotarian of the Day. Mike presented information regarding changes to the tax laws.
Rotarian of the day, Liz Talbert introduced BHS Interact sponsor, Mrs. Karen Sanderson and three of the club’s officers: Club Treasurer, Trinity Monroe, Club Secretary, Taylor Vaughn and Club Public Information, Charlotte Shawver. The officers explained why they joined and club goals. Liz added that the club meets the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month at 09:30am.
Today the Tower Elementary Treble Clefs choir came to sing for us today.  The theme was about Stars, and we heard several selections from Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to O Lux Beatissima. If you weren't here, you missed a real treat!s
Rev. Liz Talbert was elected President for 2018-2019.
Roger Stauffer presented information about his time as a substitute teacher in chemistry class at the high school. The room is packed with gifts for children from the Head Start program. 
Next Tuesday, Dec. 19, will be our Christmas party. Please bring a gift for a child for the VFD Operation Santa Claus. Cash money is also accepted! 
There will be no meeting on Dec. 26. 
Matt Patterson was the Rotarian of the Day. Rod Ryalls told us about the BVFD annual Operation Santa Claus, and we want each member to bring a new, unwrapped gift for a boy or girl. They will be wrapped at the station and delivered the weekend before Christmas.  Also on hand were the Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club, Katie Ford, and the Executive Director of the Senior 
Citizens Center, Roberta Martin. Each was presented with a donation check from our recent Celebrity Server Banquet.
President Lahoma Vaughn led the club assembly today. We discussed the upcoming Celebrity Server Dinner, and other items of interest to the club.
Pat Norriss was the Rotarian of the Day. Her guest was Assistant District Attorney John Gillespie, who presented the details of a recent case of child abuse. The charges were successfully prosecuted with the assistance of Burk PD Detective Johnny Zellner and Detective Donald Osborn. Job will done!
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Member Birthdays:
  • Pat Norriss
    June 21
  • Laurie Munson
    June 24
  • Danny Taylor
    July 7
  • Margie Poole
    July 17
Spouse Birthdays:
  • Dave Poole
    June 22
  • Scott Vaughn
    July 15
  • Liz Talbert
    Tom Talbert
    July 1
  • Rod Ryalls
    Joanna Ryalls
    July 15
  • Christina Haworth
    Brent Haworth
    July 17
  • Keith Myers
    Shannon Myers
    July 28
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